Decred SM metrics 2021-02

Welcome to the first monthly recap of Decred’s social media metrics!

For a bit of a background, this report branched off Decred Journal. Since December 2020 issue I am posting highlights and irregularities detected while collecting my monthly snapshots. As an experiment, in February I did not filter the findings for being “big enough” and wrote down anything that felt interesting. The list ended up too big for DJ but I didn’t want to throw away half of the findings, and so here we are in a yet another place for number geeks. I will keep posting the biggest highlights in DJ, while these reports will have more details.

So let’s begin and see what unusual changes have happened in Feb across ~90 tracked accounts. The changes are between Feb-1 and Mar-1 snapshots.


Personal and topic-focused:

Non-English and regional:

All source data is available here.

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